We have been investigating pathways in gymnastics 

We can travel using high, low, fast and slow movements. A strong  starting position is important too!


Dribbling skills

We have been perfecting our ball skills today!

Book Week competition

Have you created your own Roald Dahl character for our Book Week family competition yet? I have extended the deadline until Friday 6th October. I am very impressed with the level of creativity so far so put your heads together and share your ideas with each other! The prize is a family hamper!


Book week

We brought in books to read to our friends in. Nursery class!

Chiltern open air museum 

We had a fabulous day experiencing life in the Stone Age and Iron Age. We hunted, made fire, made jewellery, made camps, made flour, bread and butter and clay pots!


Did you know the ukulele originated in Portugal, not Hawaii?

We are learning to play this instrument as a whole clsss this year. At the moment it’s tricky remembering which way round to hold it!


Welcome to the Class 3 page. We will be sharing some of the exciting things we are doing in school here.