Sports Week!

Today we’ve been busting moves on the dance floor! Here are some action shots- what a fantastic group of dancers! 



 had an excellent start to sports week on Monday where we did our time trials to see if we could break any school records and congratulations to Liam who SMASHED the old record for long distance running in year 4, beating the previous time by 20 q

It’s sports week

Can you make it onto our record breakers board in the hall this year?



Moving Monsters!

We’ve had an exciting start to the week using pneumatic systems to make moving monsters. Take a look!








We’ve been practising using phneumatic systems, ahead of our DT workshop on Monday. 


Baba Yaga Assembly

I hope you enjoyed the show. Didn’t they do well . 👏🏻



Extreme Earth

We are learning about the Earth and physical geography. We made models of the Earth, including the inner and outer core and the mantle.